Tesla Model X Can Store Less Than Nissan Leaf

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If you are to place the Nissan Leaf next to the Tesla Model X, the first thing you will notice is that the Model X is considerably larger than the Leaf. But then again, this does not translate well on the inside of the vehicle.

A video surfaced online earlier today and it provided strong evidence that the Model X large size is deceiving. The EV crossover may have the bigger measurements but the cargo area is smaller than the tiny Nissan Leaf.

The strange thing about this is that the Model X is equipped with falcon doors. If we can recall correctly, Tesla once said that the wing doors greatly aids in freeing more space inside and also allow them to offer greater cargo volume.

Well, Tesla is not lying here but the space they are talking about is not what we have come to know. It is pretty disappointing and the above strongly suggests that the $85,000 fee for the Model X is just for the gimmicks and insane EV powertrain.