Tesla Model X Is Officially The Slowest SUV On Eboladrome!

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It has finally happened. The lads at The Grand Tour have finally driven the Tesla Model X on the Eboladrome and we are finally able to hear the feedback on the vehicle from the most critically entertaining reviewers around, Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hamnond and Captain Slow.

The happening is something that we have been waiting to see for so long now as we are interested in seeing how the ex-Top Gear hosts perceive the vehicle.

Well, according to them, the Tesla Model X is the slowest SUV to ever race on the Eboladrome. But by slowest, it is due to the fact that the Model X is the only SUV to take on the course. This means that it is also right to call the Model X as the fastest SUV on the track. But how fast exactly?

The Grand Tour has revealed that the Model X is able to complete the course in 1:29.60, which is about the same time achieved by a Ford Mustang GT. It’s a commendable achievement, especially for a pure EV SUV that can only brag having the best straight-line performance.