Tesla Model X Is Officially The Snail On The Track!

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The Tesla Model X P100D is easily one of the fastest stock SUVs on the drag strip and this is thanks to the car’s ability to burst into speed with the aid of advance launch control and Ludicrous Mode.

Countless videos demonstrating the Model X’s Ludicrous performance are available on YouTube thus proving that the car is not a joke when it comes to straight line racing. So why would someone call the Model X as the slowest vehicle on the track?

The lads at The Grand Tour did just that when the named the Model X P100D as the slowest vehicle to race on the Eboladrome. Now we know that the cars from Tesla are not tuned for a proper track but it can’t be that bad for the Model X P100D.

So, upon hearing the viral quote from The Grand Tour, we had decided to tune into a clip which covers the Model X performance on the Eboladrome. It was then we realized that the Model X is slowest on the track because it has no real rival to compete with.

The Model X is the only EV SUV to ever race there hence making it both the fastest and the slowest on the track. In case you are curious on the timing achieved, the Model X did as good as a Ford Mustang GT.

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  1. kent beuchert

    March 5, 2018 at 9:06 am

    The Model X P100D also is rare at a price tag of over $130,000. It costs many times more than a Mustang GT. How about a race between a Tesla Model X with the 75kWhr battery pack and a high end Mustang that costs perhaps 50% of the Model X? A Honda Civic recently embarrassed a Tesla Model S P100D on a road course.