Tesla Model X Is Simply Not Meant For You

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Tesla can be commended for pushing the world into accepting electric cars but this should not be taken as ‘everything they create will turn into gold.’

Sure, the cars from Tesla boast the best performance in the EV realm and also unbeatable driving range but when it comes to quality, they are far behind their more established rivals.

Various reports have proven that the likes of Model S, Model 3 and the Model X are far behind in build quality that they are scored poorly on reliability. The Model X is an example of a car that is prone to damages and this is now being backed up by user reports.

If the proof from Reuters was not enough, CBS LA managed to come into contact with a hundred Model X owners and a vast majority of them quoted the same thing. It is that the Model X needs too many repairs hence bringing no justice to the 6-figure price tag.

So if reliability is an important concern of yours, don’t buy Tesla and certainly not the Model X. Do not mistake this as a hate message aimed at Tesla.