Tesla Model X P100D: Drag Power Can’t Save It From Track Humiliation

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There’s no point to being a sports car if people are going to call you slow. Such a label is humiliating for a for any sports car and this includes the Tesla Model X P100D.

Despite not being a true sports vehicle, the P100D has earned a lot of attention for offering the fastest drag performance in the body of a crossover. The EV powertrain which it runs on is paired to Ludicrous Mode hence allowing it to accelerate at an insane pace.

There is no questioning the fact that the Model X is a monster on the straight line but what about the track? On the curvy circuit, the Model X is still considered unproven and today, we can confirm that the vehicle is the slowest of the bunch.

Jeremey Clarkson and the hosts of The Grand Tourer actually sent a unit of the Model X P100D for a run around the Eboladrome and it resulted in the vehicle achieving a similar time to the Ford Mustang GT.

The performance is not too bad for an EV crossover that isn’t tuned for tracking but that didn’t stop Jeremy from calling the car as the slowest vehicle around. Jeremy then explained that by slow, he meant that there is no direct competition for the Model X hence making ti the fastest and slowest in its league.