Tesla Model X P100D Gets A Rude Track Awakening!

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What is there not to like about the Tesla Model X? Design-aside, we can commend the EV crossover for having a stellar performance on the straight line – just like the Model S.

There is no denying the fact that the Model X P100D is one of the fastest quarter-mile cars around but can the vehicle be borderline good around the track? If you have been following Jeremy Clarkson in The Grand Tourer, you should know that the answer is ‘No’.

In a scene from The Grand Tourer recently ago, the Model X P100D was summoned on the Eboladrome for a lap challenge and the Model X finished with a timing that is equivalent to a Ford Mustang GT.

While this may seem like a pass for a vehicle from Tesla, Jeremy quoted the vehicle to be the slowest around the Ebalodrome yet. This is due to the lad requiring a car to have proper, direct competition and the Model X P100D does not have that.

Hence, the Model X P100D is now officially the show’s fastest EV crossover around the Eboladrome and also the slowest.