Tesla Model X P100D Stuck On Ford Mustang GT Achievement

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Any Tesla-made vehicles with Ludicrous Mode will definitely have the ability to burst into speed at rapid pace hence there is no need to question the performance of the Model X P100D.

Despite the Model X P100D being a larger and heavier car than the Model S P100D, the vehicle can still clock supercar quarter-mile numbers and this has been proven numerous times on the drag strip.

The only unfortunate bit here is that the Model X P100D can replicate its straight-line success on the track and this was proven in a recent segment on The Grand Tourer.

The popular car show that is hosted by ex-Top Gear icons has placed the Model X P100D on the Eboladrome and it saw the vehicle exhibiting great control around the track. It may not be as good as a supercar but it can finish the run with an impressive time.

The Model X P100D was pushed to the limits like never before and its best lap attempt is about equal to the timings achieved by a pure sports car like the Ford Mustang GT.

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  1. Vbondjr

    March 28, 2018 at 11:25 am

    So just get a mustang and send Tesla to hell. Thanks!