Tesla Model X: Quick Off The Line, Slow At Where It Matters

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The Tesla Model X is easily the best EV crossover money can buy right now and this is because the vehicle can offer an exhilarating performance despite running on green energy. While the Model X may be able to go fast, the car is still slow in things that matters most.

We are referring to the Model X safety tests, which has finally reached a conclusion. NHTSA has released the results and it saw the Model X achieving a 5-star rating. The full crash test can be seen in the video below.

While it may paint a positive picture on the Model X, we can’t help but feel annoyed by how late the crash test took place. The Model X has been going on sale for far too long already and the crash test was supposed to be dealt with in its debut month.

Well, at least it is better late than never right? What do you think of the Model X’s crash result?