Tesla Model X Receives New Title, ‘Cruelty-Free’

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The latest Tesla Model X is a nice electric crossover to own and the vehicle is described as the best emission-free EV right now. Well, there is another title that is brewing inside Tesla’s headquarters for the Model X and it is cruelty-free.

The title came about when a Tesla shareholder requested for Elon Musk to produce a vegan-friendly version of the Model S. Elon felt that it was a little too late to make such changes on the Model S but he kept the idea in mind for the Model X.

Now, Elon has announced on a vegan-friendly model of the Model X, which will be offered alongside the ordinary Model X by next month. The so-called cruelty-free Model X is developed together with PETA to offer synthetic leather on-board.

For us, the move to offer a cruelty-free car is great for the Model X but to use it as a selling point to give Tesla a greater brand reputation is just annoying. Of course, this is just our opinion regarding the whole cruelty-free Model X. We would love to hear what you think about it.