Tesla Model X Spells Sour For Electric Pickup Truck

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There is no doubt that Tesla will move on to develop an electric pickup truck once they have launched the EV semi truck but you should not hope for much with the upcoming vehicle.

This is because the electric pickup truck may end up being a big hassle when performing pickup truck duties, caused by the constraints of an electric powertrain.

Today, we got a better idea on this when a reviewer tried towing 1500lbs caravan with his Tesla Model X. A clip of the review is embedded below and you will see that he can only manage driving for 1.5 hours before needing a one hour recharge.

With the rate of charging going up, the battery is bound to degrade at a faster pace. This will also put a dent on travelling times as the EV pickup truck will be hungry for power.

The only bright side to this at the moment is that electric powertrains are continuously getting better and Tesla may find a solution for the heavy charging needs when developing the EV pickup.