Tesla Model X vs Hummer H2: The Winner Is…

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When we compare vehicles, our winners are often cars that can offer more for the money than its competitor. Well, we are going to do something different today and that is to compare the Tesla Model X with the Hummer H2 through a tug-of-war challenge.

It is not the first tug of war challenge which we have come across and we can say that there is no real point to such a comparison aside from entertainment value. But then again, some of our readers have stated before that they find tug-of-war comparisons to be great in identifying cars with greater traction.

Either way, the damage has been done and we actually have a winner in the contest involving the Tesla Model X P90D and the Hummer H2. We won’t spoil the result for you as that would mean ruining the entertainment value of the clip embedded bellow. You should give it a watch.