Tesla Model Y: More Reasons For A Light Truck!

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United States of America is the country and California is the state that brags having the most Tesla cars. This cannot be helped as California is where Tesla started shop and they have received countless support from the state to get to where they are today.

Despite the rapid uprising of EVs in California, new statistics are showing that cars are falling out of favor in the state. This is worrying to say the least because Tesla had just launched the Model 3 and it would be sucky to have its home turf being unfavorable towards cars.

If that is not bad enough, the statistics are showing that more light trucks have been sold than cars in California. In figures, 14,255 light trucks, including pickups and SUVs, were sold in California compared to the 512,627 cars.

This is clear call for more light trucks from Tesla should the carmaker want to hop on the sales trend in their home state. Tesla has teased that the Model Y is next on their list and the vehicle may just end up being a light truck. Whether it is an actual pickup truck or an SUV is a question that remains to be seen.