Tesla Model Y: This Outcome May Leave Porsche Fans In Fury

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Tesla has said before that they are also hoping to produce an EV SUV in the near future and the vehicle will be called the Model Y. The latter is likely come out after Tesla is done with the Model 3 and it may offer a massive boost to Tesla’s volume sales.

Today, Tesla’s Elon Musk provided more details on the Model Y when he revealed that the EV SUV will be built on a completely new platform, which will also be used on future cars from Tesla. The new platform is designed for simplified production and it shows that Tesla is anticipating volume.

So, how will the Model Y look like when released? Nobody knows for sure but there are a number of fan-made concepts that are able to paint a rough picture. All the concepts which we have seen have one thing in common and it is that the design language of the Model Y is very similar to the Model X.

One example is with the picture above, which is a concept that is developed by RMCarDesign. While it looks decent, we noticed a lot of similarities with the Porsche Cayenne hence the title above.