Tesla P100D vs Dodge Challenger Demon: Round 2, Fight!

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About a month ago, we shared with you a clip of the Tesla Model S P100D facing off with the Dodge Challenger Demon on the drag strip. The video gained a lot of views and this is owed to the fact that many are interested to see the real champion on the straight line.

It is also a significant contest because both the P100D and the Demon are designed to perform best on a quarter-mile strip. That last fight saw the P100D losing to the Demon by a hairline margin and this helps explain why many would love to see a second race to confirm on the champion.

Well, if you’re among them, the boys at Drag Times are well ahead of things as they have organized a second contest involving the two cars. The second run was thought to be no different from the first fight but we were proved wrong. You can see it for yourself below.