Tesla Reminds Everyone On Truck Project Due Next Month!

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Earlier this year, Tesla teased on an EV truck that will get unveiled right after the release of the Model 3. Well, the Model 3 is already out and the fact that it is getting a lot of attention from the market meant that many have forgotten about the EV truck Tesla is working on.

Today, Tesla’s Elon Musk offered a reminder on this by announcing that October 26 will see the company pulling the curtains of a new vehicle and it is a semi-truck.

The semi-truck is hoping to revolutionize the logistics industry when released and it will be interesting to see how much electric range the vehicle can offer. Seeing that semi-trucks are big in-size, we may see Tesla introducing an oversized heavy duty battery with the vehicle.

All will be revealed on October 26 next month and we personally can’t wait for it. After all, a Tesla Semi will only lead to the development of a pure pickup truck and this is something which we are excited for.