Tesla Roadster: SpaceX To Grant Flying Car Preview!

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About a week ago, Tesla’s Elon Musk revealed that the preview performance figures for the next-gen Roadster is actually a basic setup for the car. In other words, the Roadster can go a lot faster than what was previewed last year.

Elon explained that the SpaceX company has developed a package tune for the Roadster and it will bring significant improvements to the car’s performance. Today, Elon followed things up by sharing that the SpaceX package will equip the Roadster with rocket thrusters that will boost speed.

These thrusters will be placed on strategic points of the Roadster and we can’t imagine the improvements it will bring to the car. After all, rocket thrusters are commonly used for real space missions and it is exciting to see the technology finally coming to cars.

At this rate, we are predicting the thrusters to be a first-step in the development of flying cars from Tesla. It is an obvious expectation and we sure hope Tesla can avoid the needless controversies this time round.