Tesla Semi May Force You To Get Coke Instead Of Pepsi

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The Tesla Semi Truck is widely viewed as the first step to revolutionizing the logistics industry although the majority would still question the efficiency of the vehicle.

With a price of $150,000 for the basic Semi Truck that can go 300 miles and $180,000 for the model with 500 miles of driving range, the Semi Truck is considered to be more affordable than other trucks in the scene but charging times may slow down actual product deliveries.

But for PepsiCo, they have full confidence that the Semi Truck can get the job done with great efficiency and they have already purchased a large order for the vehicle. The actual numbers are unknown but various sources are suggesting a figure of about 1,200 units.

The intention here is great as PepsiCo wants to take initiative in reducing emission but they should also realize that jumping into the Tesla hype early-on can lead to disappointing outcomes.

Not one Tesla vehicle got produced in a timely manner hence it is very likely for the Semi Truck to suffer from production delays.

If that is to happen – paired with the time consuming battery charging periods – you may as well give up waiting for Pepsi to resupply their vending machine and get yourself a coke instead.