Tesla Semi Revisits Official Debut Ahead Of Mass Distribution!

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Tesla is one of the fastest growing automakers around and everything which they produced has made an impact to the entire automotive industry. With pure EVs being the focus of Tesla, their creations have led other carmakers to explore green technology.

Tesla is simply a step ahead of the competition in the electric vehicle market and they are about to make bigger gains with the upcoming Semi Truck. The latter was unveiled very recently ago and it is likely to change the way logistics work despite the negative opinions of the critics.

The Semi Truck is already on the path to glory as several major corporations have confirmed its interest in ordering the vehicle in large numbers. This cannot be helped as the EV truck has got a respectable EV range, attractive pricing, splendid performance and quick recharge times.

Everything sure sounds promising but not many are convinced due to missing out on the unveiling of the Semi Truck. If you are among them that didn’t manage to catch the truck’s unveiling, you can now do so thanks to the released footage of the happening online.