Tesla Semi: Sugary Words Are Pointless For Truckers!

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Tesla has already unveiled the Semi and the vehicle is hoping to revolutionize the logistics industry. Like how it is with other vehicles from Tesla, the Semi runs on pure electricity and it is said to have about 500 miles of range to offer.

Personally, we see the Semi as a good catalyst for a major logistics revolution and we can commend Tesla for that. But for the truck drivers, they find the Semi more worrying than exciting.

According to UK’s Road Haulage Association, truckers are not buying Tesla’s sugary words because the carmaker has been emphasizing too much on speed. Tesla was loud when saying that the Semi can hit 60mph in roughly 20 seconds and this is with an 80,000lbs load.

Acceleration is great to have but the numbers are excessive and they are overly promoted. The truckers went on claiming that the average truck’s speed is electronically locked at 62mph hence there is no need for excessive performance.

Their ultimate concern is with the range and charging time. 500 miles of range is pretty decent for inner-city deliveries and short cross-country trips but it won’t do well on extreme long distance journeys.

Then there is the question of efficiency. Tesla claims that the Semi will get megachargers that will only require 30 minutes to gain about 400 miles of driving range. Plenty of reports are claiming that this is possible but never in the near future like how Tesla promised hence the truckers are not convinced.

If the rate of charging is a minimal improvement from the Model 3 or Model S, the Semi truck will only affect the efficiency of operations negatively. These are the things which Tesla needs to prove to the trucking community instead of emphasizing on straight line speed.

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  1. kent beuchert

    December 5, 2017 at 6:33 am

    Perhaps Porsche should build semis – they recently demonstrated an ability to recharge twice as fast as Tesla.