Tesla Semi Truck: By Now, You Should Just Quit Hoping!

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There is no denying the fact that the Model S, X and 3 are the best EV cars in the market right now and we can commend Tesla for it. But when it comes to meeting deadlines, challenging the norms of the industry and fulfilling promises, Tesla is at the losing end of things.

Since Tesla opened shop, they have never managed to handle a project with great punctuality. Be it the Model S, Model X or Model 3, there are often delays and controversies with how production is handled.

The Model 3 is currently under a lot of heat at the moment for failing to fulfil its promises and Elon Musk has even admitted it by describing the Model 3’s development as “production hell”. Well, it appears that hell is just another big word coming out from Elon’s mouth as it never seemed to affect his desire to unveil the EV Semi Truck in a timely manner.

Tesla has confirmed on the development of the Semi Truck that is intended to revolutionize the world of logistics and this particular vehicle will now look to make its official appearance on Thursday this week.

The confirmation was made via Elon’s Twitter and yet again, the lad throw in a lot of big words to hype the crowd. Nothing has changed with Elon’s methods hence you should not hope for anything with the Semi Truck aside from its inevitable release.

The same loop is bound to happen where the Semi Truck will request for deposits that will then be used for production. Then, things will happen and it will lead to delays. We can also anticipate a side show here Tesla will get in a fight with regulators over safety concerns of the Semi Truck or just about anything else.

This is our prediction and until Tesla truly show signs of improvements on the production front, we would prefer keeping our hopes and expectations at its lowest level to prevent any disappointments.