Tesla Suffers 7% Decline, April Fools Gets The Blame!

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About 24 hours ago, the internet became an active world for people pulling pranks on the masses but one particular joke managed to capture more attention than any other. The April Fool’s joke which we are referring to is the one that claims Tesla has filed for bankruptcy.

The joke was so loud that even Elon Musk embraced it on his Twitter account and the CEO is probably regretting it today. As the world recovers from April Fool’s misery, business reports brought out a huge headline and it is that Tesla has suffered a 7% fall in shares.

This is a huge figure and it led to major news outlet blaming it on the April Fool’s joke that may have led investors into taking it seriously.

But then again, we don’t think those that have placed their money on Tesla would be gullible enough to believe anything on the internet. After doing some research, we learned that the shares drop since Friday but only after the market closes and the blame goes to another case of Autopilot crashing.

The timing of the share drop happened when there is no live coverage hence it came out today – one day after the most notorious day in a calendar year. It’s too bad that April Fool’s takes the blame for it.