Tesla & Toyota Engaged In Green Truck Wars

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Every passing day brings us closer to the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 and many can’t wait for the EV car to arrive. Despite the huge excitement surrounding the Model 3, the car won’t be arriving until Tesla pulls the curtains off a newer vehicle – an EV Semi Truck.

Tesla confirmed last week on Twitter that they will be unveiling the EV Semi Truck in September this year and it caught the attention of the world. This cannot be helped as the EV Semi Truck development greatly suggests that Tesla is not far away from producing an EV pickup truck. Tesla may be slow when delivering their products but they are quite pacey when it comes to announcing developments.

Knowing this, Toyota has decided to retaliate by announcing on their Semi Truck project. Toyota explicitly revealed that Tesla is not the only one that is building a green Semi Truck and their product is likely to be better thanks to the application of a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.

This is some exciting stuffs in our eyes because the Semi Trucks from Tesla and Toyota are completely different despite being made for the same market. Which vehicle will be coming out victorious?