Tesla Truck Can’t Define Long Haul!

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The Model 3 is finally here so what can we expect to come next from Tesla? Aside from the Model Y, Tesla is developing a semi-truck and the last time they spoke about this project, the company teased that they will have something to show before the year ends.

Despite not out yet, Tesla has taken the initiative to remind us of the semi-truck project which they are working on. The carmaker was loud in sharing that the semi-truck will be running on pure EVs and they can’t manage a long haul.

Then, Tesla said that they are targeting no less than 200 miles with the semi-truck and hitting 300 miles will fulfil their hopes. It all sounds great until you realize that 300 miles is not exactly long haul for a Semi-Truck.

The vehicle will be packed with tons of loads and the weight burden will certainly have a negative impact on the target range. If that is not bad enough, the average trucker commutes about 3,000 miles on average in a week. Dividing that number further will give you an average of 500 miles on a normal day.

This is why 300 miles is not worthy of being called long haulers and they should be targeting something else.