Tesla Truck Dreams Gets Threatening Call From Toyota

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About a month ago, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk shocked the world through an unexpected Tweet that teases on a brand new vehicle in development. The vehicle is a semi-truck and Elon promised to unveil their product somewhere in Q3 this year.

Whether you are a fan of Tesla or not, the confirmation on a semi-truck being built by the carmaker does sound interesting, especially when the vehicle is likely to run on full EV. The semi-truck’s potential will also shed some light on the future EV pickup trucks from Tesla.

Everything sounds great for Tesla and this is something Toyota cannot allow at all. The Japanese carmaker decided to take the attention away from Tesla through confirming that they too are working on a green semi-truck. However, instead of relying on EV, Toyota’s product will be powered by hydrogen.

Toyota has got a huge reputation for offering economical vehicles but they have yet to directly compete with Tesla in the green market. This makes the outcome of the semi-truck wars all the more interesting as it may create a massive rivalry between two green heavyweights.