Tesla Truck Piles Pressure On Toyota Vision Hydrogen

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Tesla has drawn first blood when they officially unveiled the EV Semi at an event earlier this month and the vehicle is likely to revolutionize the logistics industry.

It is something many expected to happen as the logistics market is a gold mine waiting to be tapped on by green automakers and Tesla is right at the front of things having unveiled the Semi.

The large truck from Tesla will have two price tags that are determined by the driving range. The 300-mile model will cost about $150,000 whereas the $180,000 model is for the one with 500-mile.

All that is left now is for Tesla to proceed into developing the Semi and this would mean leaving Toyota behind. The latter has long served the masses as the go-to brand for reliability and fuel economy but Toyota have been very slow in the move into emission-free vehicles.

Toyota saw what Tesla was up to with the Semi and it didn’t take them long to respond with a hydrogen-powered FCEV semi-truck. For Toyota, FCEV is the true future of green and they have pledged to develop more FCEVs by 2020.

The only problem here is that Tesla already has something to show whereas Toyota has yet to have anything convincingly good that runs on FCEV. The pressure is now on Toyota to deliver.