Tesla Wants Existing Owners To Adopt Model 3!

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If you are an owner of the Tesla Model S or Model X, would you fancy seeing yourself buying the future Model 3? If yes, will you be selling your existing vehicle?

We don’t know what Tesla Motors is thinking but they have decided to give current owners the VIP pass to view and buy the Model 3. Tesla revealed that if buyers of the Model 3 already own another vehicle from the company, they will be prioritized ahead of the average consumers.

This means that you will get your Model 3 delivered to you first, even if you are to order the car weeks after another individual. Perhaps, Tesla is merely rewarding the consumers for picking their car.

Either way, we see it as an aggressive marketing technique for the Model 3. The announcement could push for consumers to purchase the Model X or S so that they can skip the queue for the Model 3. On the other hand, the average consumers will see how Tesla treats their current customers and will be interested to enjoy the same when purchasing the Model 3.