The Electric Ferrari We All Fear Has Been Caught On Camera!

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Ferrari is one of the most recognized brands in the world and it is famous for producing some of the fastest cars around. Supercars, as how will call it, has been Ferrari’s focus since its beginning and the Italian carmaker has never strayed away from its tradition.

So when rumours started claiming that Ferrari is moving into a future without V10s and V12s, it left a lot of enthusiasts in a state of worry. Well, those worries have amplified greatly today when a Ferrari prototype was caught running on a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Also known as PHEV, the unidentified Ferrari prototype is said to combine a V8 engine with electric motors that will ensure adequate power output and superb fuel economy.

Even Ferrari’s big boss, Sergio Marchionne, has admitted to developing a greener setup for Ferraris and his latest reveal says “we’re going to embrace electrification and make it a mainstay”.

The Ferrari PHEV prototype can be seen in the video below and rumours are pointing to 2019 as the year which the car will make its official debut. It will be interesting to see how the masses will react to the car when it gets released.