This Audi SQ5 Is Filling The Void Of A Q5 RS

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What you are looking at above is not your ordinary Audi SQ5 and this is because the vehicle has been tuned by ABT Sportsline. The firm took in the latest SQ5 to give it a big performance upgrade and the result is a vehicle that is 20% faster than the original model.

These are the words of ABT Sportsline when they went online to promote the more insane SQ5 but they never offered any details on the changes that are made to the performance SUV.

The only thing they share is the new power figures with the SQ5 and they are 419hp and 406ft-lbs of torque. This translates to a power incline of 70hp and 37ft-lbs of torque over the stock SQ5. The best part is that the new figures sounds fitting of a Q5 RS.

Audi has been contemplating on the developing of the Q5 RS but they won’t have to worry about prospects anymore because the success of the SQ5 from ABT Sportsline can show them the light.