This BMW M2 Took A Page Out Of Ford Mustang’s Playbook

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The BMW M2 is a powerful sports car you can buy but if you can’t handle the vehicle, it is highly recommended for you to settle for something else. Failing to do so will put you at great risk of facing an embarrassing crash when attempting to show off.

A 22-year-old lad learned this the hard way when he drove his M2 into a tree after pulling off great speed on the straight line. The happening took place in the UK and it ended ugly for both the M2 and the driver.

The aftermath of the crash leaves the BMW M2 completely disfigured and it requires machinery to cut free the driver trapped inside. Reports from UK revealed that the driver faced serious injuries and he has been rushed to the hospital.

It is a stupid crash that can be avoided if the young driver did not decide to show-off its performance at a local car meet. It is just like the Ford Mustang – a car which is popular for crashing stupidly at car meets hence the title above.