This Ford Mustang Cries For Remote Disabler From Ford

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Car meets and crashes are two things that are commonly associated with the Ford Mustang and it looks like the stigma is not going away at all. Even today, the stigma has strengthened further after another Mustang crashed when attempting to show-off upon leaving a car meet.

The latest incident took place in Austin Texas and it is extremely sad to look at. This cannot be helped as there were no cars on the roads at the point when the Mustang is trying to show off and it ended up side crashing on a the road side.

It is a very mild crash which looks more pathetic when the driver is trying to slide his way back into normal position. With incidents like this continuously happening, the good Mustang drivers may start voicing out and it may just force Ford into developing a remote disabler to stop an unskilled Mustang from spoiling the iconic name. Should it happen?