This Is How Porsche Macan Is Disgraced

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It’s a shame that a country with the highest populace in the world isn’t able to create its own answer to luxury products from other markets, particularly Europe. China’s way of responding to popular creations from abroad is to blatantly copy them without compunction.

As a result, we have monstrosities like the Zotye SR9, which is more or less a carbon copy of the Porsche Macan set to bow at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. The fact that it passes of as a legitimate vehicle to be showcased at a real auto show is worrying to say the least.

But that’s not what makes the SR9 story interesting – it’s the fact that the crossover has a special edition model called Nunsheng, which roughly means goddess in Chinese, though not so much in the divine sense than a woman that has many admirers, or something along that line.

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That’s not as important as the fact that Nunsheng is unmistakably pink. Zotye thinks this color choice makes sense to attract more female buyers who, by the way, would be given the option to embroider their initials into the vehicle’s headrests.

At least the Zotye SR9 won’t cost as much as the Macan. After conversion, the standard model starts at an equivalent of over $15,750 while the Nunsheng model pushes north of $26,000.