This Is How You Kill A New Chevrolet Camaro Quickly

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What is there not to like about the latest generation Chevrolet Camaro? Even the Ford Mustang fans agreed that Chevrolet has got the recipe right with the new Camaro, especially when it comes to the car’s performance.

While having a good Camaro around can be positive for the automotive industry, there are always those drivers that are just bad when driving the car. For one of them, it resulted in the death of a new Camaro.

As how you can see in the picture above, the Camaro got disfigured after crashing at Penn’s State University campus. The location was holding a State Patty’s Day party and it lead to an irresponsible drunk lad to drive the Camaro before crashing.

The worst bit about it is that the culprit of the crash is a minor and it raises questions on how he got inside the Camaro and how he got intoxicated. Either way, the damage has already been done and the Camaro experience a rapid death.