This Is The Nissan GT-R, Jeep Wrangler-Killer Of The Electric Crossover Scene!

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The ongoing 2017 Tokyo Motor Show has played host to a number of interesting unveilings and among them is an electric sports crossover from Nissan.

Nissan pulled the curtains off the vehicle that is pictured above before making some unexpected reveals about it. For starters, the crossover is called the IMx and it has a futuristic bullet-style design language which we are not fond of.

Then Nissan shared that the IMx has 4WD hence it can go off-roading – again something we never expected. Nissan added that the IMx will have an advanced EV powertrain and it will be one that has plenty of range with an extreme sports performance.

To be more precise, Nissan was quoted saying that the IMx can accelerate faster than the Nissan GT-R and they may demonstrate this in the near future to come.

To conclude everything that Nissan has said, the IMx is an ultra-fast, all-terrain EV crossover that they are really interested in producing.