This Jeep Wrangler Can Send Ford Bronco Back To Its Grave

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Ford has already confirmed on the return of the Bronco through a new generation model and we can look forward to meeting the vehicle towards the end of next year.

Many are excited for the next-gen Bronco as they are hoping to see the 4×4-tailored SUV giving some real competition to the Jeep Wrangler. The latter has been the dominating name in the segment ever since the Bronco got discontinued in the 90s but it doesn’t look too worried about the Bronco’s return.

Perhaps, the video below could be the reason why Jeep feels undisturbed by news of the Bronco’s revival. What you’re looking at is a Jeep Wrangler that has been modified and tuned by Alpine and the result is an insane off-roader.

The concept is called the Hellbender and it is built with the best all-terrain parts with a nice blend of trendy in-cabin features. Some notable things that are worth mentioning are Smittybilt bumpers, rockers, fender flares and a 37” set of tires. You can check out the full details below.