This Jeep Wrangler Pickup Is A Bad Life Decision

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Here’s a life advice: Always skip the wannabes and get yourself the real thing. If you are to stick by this advice, you will save a lot of money from purchasing the Brute Wrangler Pickup.

The pickup truck that is built based on the Wrangler was launched last month by American Expedition and it is not the official pickup truck thing which Jeep is working on as we speak. To make things worse, the Brute Pickup Truck costs a whopping $42,000.

This is quite expansive to own – especially if you are to consider that the Brute Wrangler Pickup is nothing more than an ordinary Wrangler that has been restructured to look like a pickup truck. The performance is also identical to that of a standard Wrangler.

If you can hold your purchase for about a year more, you can get the full-blown official pickup truck experience from Jeep without paying a dime for it. As hard as it is for us to say it, the Brute Wrangler Pickup is just not a good purchasing decision but all is forgivable if you really can’t wait for the official thing.