This Leaf NISMO Concept Shows Nissan How It’s Done!

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What you’re looking at above is a fan-made concept of the Leaf NISMO. The rendering was made by X-Tomi and it offers his visualization of how the Leaf will look like when it receives NISMO’s tuning.

We personally like the design because it adds character to an already great looking Leaf without going overboard on the sporty meter. The red accent injects more attractiveness on the Leaf NISMO and this is the outcome we would love to see.

Some would say that X-Tomi’s prediction won’t come true because the last official Leaf NISMO concept saw a completely different design language being applied to the vehicle.

We personally don’t like the official Leaf NISMO concept because it looks off on the proportions. Nissan should really look into X-Tomi’s work as the Leaf NISMO above is way better looking than the official concept pictured below.

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Credits: X-Tomi