This Lexus LC500 Can Force Nissan GT-R To Concede Defeat

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The Nissan GT-R is almost a decade old but it does not mean that the car is no longer as fast as before. Nissan had just released the final facelift version of the GT-R and it actually saw the car gaining more ponies rather than losing them.

Like how it was ten years ago, the GT-R continues to blow rival supercars out of the water. Even the Japanese are so proud of the GT-R for being able to compete against other heavyweights.

As good as the GT-R is, Godzilla might have to step aside for a new leader in the local Japanese supercar market. The word is that Lexus is developing a new LC500 and it promises an insane performance that is very close to the Lexus LFA.

If the rumours are to be referred to, the LC500 is fitted with a turbocharged V6 that is tuned to develop 500hp. The best part is that the LC500 will come with a number of driving upgrades that will improve on the vehicle’ overall handling and performance.

Whether it will be better than the Nissan GT-R remains to be answered as it will have to wait until the LC500 makes its debut. However, we would prefer it if the GT-R is to hold its ground and compete with the LC500 on every front.