This Nissan GT-R Is Made For Fallout 5!

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Fallout 4 may not be the best Fallout game in the series but it does managed to keep every Fallout fan interested in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Heck, there are many that can’t get enough of Fallout and they can’t wait to hear about Fallout 5.

The future sequel is highly likely to get developed and it is bound to bring in more improvements to the series. One thing which we are wishing for is a boost in the game’s transportation mechanism. The lack of post-apocalyptic cars is something which needs addressing in the Fallout series hence we would be glad if Bethesda can bring in the Nissan GT-R Concept pictured above.

The GT-R’s design is heavily inspired by the Crossout game and it is rendered by YasidDesign. While the structure is still recognizable as a Nissan GT-R, the angles have been morphed to accommodate a weapon turret on the rear and armory on the front.

It is a car that looks fitting of a lawless post-nuke world hence it deserves a spot in Fallout 5. With 565hp to offer, players will be very glad as they will be able to travel from point A to B quickly.