This Nissan GT-R Just Ended A Generation Of Madness With A Bang!

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The Nissan GT-R is one of the most respected vehicles in the automotive history and this is due to the supercar-killing performance which it offers. The only problem with the GT-R right now is that the car is starting to show its age and Nissan has yet to announce on the development of the next-gen GT-R.

Well, we can forget about that at this moment because we had just witnessed what possibly is the fastest sprinting GT-R around. Tuner Extreme Turbo Systems has developed a 3,000hp GT-R and they made no delays to unleashing the vehicle on the drag strip.

This particular GT-R jumped straight to completing a quarter-mile run and it finished with a new record. In numbers, the car clocked 6.88 seconds and this makes it the world’s fastest GT-R to ever raced on the straight line.

This record has been fiercely contested between AMS Performance and Ekanno Racing but it now belongs to Extreme Turbo Systems.