This Porsche 911 Is Not Fit For Crime

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One would say that anybody can pull off a heist if they can get away from the cops. This statement alone makes it important for the criminals to attract the least attention around hence the best option for a getaway car would be something that is fast and also common on the road.

With that being said, the above Porsche 911 is obviously not fitting for the criminal world because it simply attracts too much attention. The Porsche 911 is painted in Acid Green, which is now being offered through the Paint and Sample programme.

If you have checked the Acid Green 911 in person, then you will likely agree with us that the level of green is far brighter than the iconic lime green from Lamborghini.

Up until today, about 5 vehicles from Porsche have been sold in this colour thus making it a rare sight in the market. Unless you crave for attention everywhere you go, perhaps you may want to avoid the Porsche 911.