Toyota 86: 2017 Setback May Force An Early Axing

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Toyota is a big volume car manufacturer that won’t hold back when it comes to axing a car and this is why we are worried for the 86. Dubbed as the only sports car in Toyota’s line-up, the vehicle has taken two steps backwards in 2017 and it lead to Toyota considering to kill-off the vehicle.

The 86 is built as a replacement for the already dead Scion FR-S and the car is not doing much better on the sales front. Last year, things look decent for the 86 as the vehicle achieved respectable sales numbers.

We personally thought that sales will prosper in 2017 due to the 86 having settled in the market but this is not the case at all. October 2017 saw the 86 recording a 24.8% dip in sales when compared to the year before and this is a sharp fall for the car.

If things don’t recover within the next couple of months, 2017 may end up becoming the 86’s worst sales year yet and it may force Toyota to rethink their strategy.