Toyota 86: Can Outrun Alfa Romeo Giulia, Porsche 911

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Sports cars are referred to vehicles that have the ability to go really fast but this is not applicable to the latest Toyota 86 or even its twin, the Subaru BRZ. So why the absurd title above?

Don’t worry. We are aware that the 86 does not have the speed that can make it go faster than the Alfa Romeo Giulia or the Porsche 911. Heck, the 86 can’t even outpace a stock Chrysler Pacifica on the straight line.

But what we would say is that the car from Toyota offers great amount of fun and it can outrun just about any sports car in the market. Think about it. The 86 is probably the best ‘sports’ car in terms of fuel economy. It was also revealed today that the 86 is the only sports car to make it into Consumer Reports top 10 most reliable vehicles list.

So if you are to hold a marathon involving every sports car in the planet with a ‘last car standing’ stipulation, the Toyota 86 is likely to come out as the champion.