Toyota 86 Isn’t Getting Faster, According To Track

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The picture above is the newest product from Toyota and it is not a car. It is actually a private racetrack that is being developed on the outskirts of Argyle in Denton County.

The track will be part of Toyota’s 75-acre private retreat that will include some barns, horse stables, fishing ponds, Japanese gardens and several houses. It is an escape for the VIPs from Toyota and one that also says the 86 isn’t going to get any faster.

It cannot be helped because the track is not going to be huge. The whole setup will see a quarter-mile drag strip with small bends on the opposite field. It is just too short for extreme driving hence we can’t expect Toyota to test out their future supercars (should there be any) there.

Perhaps, the track may fit the latest 86 well but the lack of room for speed is suggesting that everything is intended for leisure purpose and not to bring out the best of their affordable sports cars.