Toyota 86 Sets An Example For Honda Civic Type R & Volkswagen Golf!

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When we speak of affordable sports cars, the first thing that comes to mind would be the latest Honda Civic Type R, or perhaps the Volkswagen Golf R. Both sports hatches are priced below $40,000 and they have proved their worth with incredible lap times around notable courses.

There is simply no questioning the speed of the Civic Type R and the Volkswagen Golf, and their offering brings shame to the Toyota 86. The latter is also an affordable sports car that is a couple of thousands cheaper than the Civic Type R but it is miles behind the competition in terms of performance.

To put things into context, the Toyota 86 is 4 seconds slower than the Fiat 124 Spider at C&D’s Lightning Lap and this obviously makes it significantly slower than the Civic Type R.

The blame goes to Toyota for failing to turn the 86 into a beast of a sports car by giving it an underwhelming power output. It doesn’t help knowing that the 86 is also not the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up.

Despite all these flaws with the 86, we can still commend the car for being fun to drive and today, we found another advantage with the vehicle. It is reliability.

Consumer Reports have updated their list of most reliable vehicles in 2017 and there is only one sports car that managed to get slotted in the top ten charts – the Toyota 86. This means that the 86 is a tank of a sports car and it is unlikely to breakdown at all. If a race around the track is to turn into a marathon, the 86 will be crowned the champion without a doubt.

Reliability is growing to become a priority on affordable sports cars as consumers would want to daily drive the vehicle hence it is perhaps right to say that the 86 is an example for other sports cars to follow.

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