Toyota 86: Special Trait Brings Forgiveness To Underpowered Setup

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What is there not to like about the Toyota 86? There is only one answer for this and it is underpowered.

The 86 is regarded by many as severely underpowered and this is the only reason why many performance lovers have decided to look at other vehicles for their affordable sports car fix.

But despite its poor power output, the 86 can still be commended for offering a fun and engaging driving experience. Today, we can add one more positive point for the vehicle and it is reliability.

Consumer Reports have summed up 2017 by naming the most reliable cars around and it saw the 86 landing on eighth spot in the overall charts. This makes the 86 the only sports car to be part of the top 10 most reliable vehicles.

It also means that the 86 will take a significantly longer time to break when compared to other sports cars and this is an unrivalled accomplishment. But whether it is enough to forgive the underpowered powertrain is something that depends on you.

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