Toyota 86: Why Underpowered Criticism Don’t Matter

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What is there not to like about the latest Toyota 86? Well, if you are to ask the critics, they would blast the car for having insufficient power.

The 86 relies on a naturally aspirated engine that can perform decently and critics see this as a big waste because the car could have done a lot better if Toyota is to equip it with a simple turbocharger setup.

While that may be true, the fact that Toyota didn’t succumb to a turbocharged 86 means that the idea was never in their intentions. The 86 is made to be an affordable sports car for the masses and while you can get more power for the 86’s money, there’s no guarantee that you can enjoy the same balance in fuel economy as well as stellar reliability.

It may sound irrelevant for a sports car but the 86 has been crowned as the most reliable performance vehicle by Consumer Reports. The vehicle even made it into the top 10 most reliable car list.

This accomplishment basically fits the 86 well since Toyota’s primary goal is to produce affordable, economical cars. Sportiness is secondary in their eyes hence we can praise the 86 for having a respectable performance and plenty of fun to offer.

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