Toyota 86 Writes Off Underpowered Hate With Bulletproof Offerings!

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One of the things many hate about the Toyota 86 is the lack of power which the vehicle has to offer. The power curve is really poor with the 86 although we can still commend the car for being fun to drive on a track.

It seems like speed is the only thing that is preventing the 86 from getting the love of the masses but Toyota is unlikely to address the underpowered issue at all. This is unfortunate really because it would make the 86 a wasted potential for an affordable sports car.

Well, all is not lost because there is one other thing which can attract you into adopting the Toyota 86. It is reliability. Consumer Reports have named the 86 as the only sports car in their top ten most reliable car charts and this can be a good thing for those that wants a sports car but living with a tight budget.

Seeing that the 86 is one of the most reliable cars around, you can give the vehicle a beating a not worry about failing parts at all.

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