Toyota C-HR: Giving Toyota’s Reliability Reputation A Bad Name!

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The Toyota C-HR is one of the hottest compact crossovers in the market and if you are planning to get one, it is best you wait a little longer because the C-HR is not living up to Toyota’s standards at present moment.

Despite the popularity of the C-HR, the vehicle has been discovered with certain production fault and the latest one is with the electric brake system. An estimated 68,500 2018 C-HR are suspected to come with electronic parking brakes that may not disengage or apply. However, the issue is not hardware-related as it is caused by software.

Regardless, the damage has been done and it has forced Toyota to recall the C-HR just so that they can fix the issue. By damage, we are talking about how this will negatively affect Toyota’s unbeatable reliability ratings.

The brand is already being tailed closely by Kia and the uprising in the number of recalls may see Toyota and Kia swapping positions next year.