Toyota C-HR Kills All Hopes For Diesel!

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What is there not to like about the Toyota C-HR? Design aside, the C-HR actually offers great balance in comfort, performance and fuel economy. It may not be the best driving crossover around but the vehicle is still pretty decent for its price tag.

The good news here is that Toyota has teased on some major improvements coming to the C-HR in the near future and we expect it to be the sporty variant. Well, the rumours have got a different idea as they are claiming that the C-HR is in-line to receive a diesel mill as an option in the near future.

We are surprised by these claims because diesels are not popular with Toyota and they are equally unflavoured here in the US. So why would Toyota want to settle for diesel with the C-HR?

The answer is never. Toyota trashed the rumours earlier today when they shared that there is no such thing in development. The C-HR is never planned for a diesel upgrade as Toyota is more interested in hybrids, EVs and hydrogen-based technologies.