Toyota C-HR Kills Off Diesel Allegations!

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The automotive scene is continuously welcoming new rumours and speculations on future products and this makes it hard to separate the truth from fiction. But in the case of the Toyota C-HR, the reports linking the crossover into getting a diesel mill can easily be dismissed.

These allegations were made based on a misunderstood statement from Toyota. About a year ago, Toyota revealed that they are studying certain markets on diesel potential and some reports see this as a confirmation that a diesel makeover on existing Toyota vehicles is bound to happen.

Well, it is not as Toyota has mentioned at the last Tokyo Auto Show that they have decided to put every focus in the development of hydrogen-fuelled FCEV technology. Toyota went on to tease that they will introduce more FCEVs in the near future and this may involve the C-HR.

The statement is clearly an indication that the rumours on the C-HR Diesel are wrong and it won’t be happening at all. The majority of the market has already abandoned diesel hence there is no need to linger with an old offering.